Moviola has been showing films in a community setting since 2001, initially under the name Dorset Film Touring.  Registered as UK Charity 1107649 in 2005, the company officially adopted the name Moviola Ltd in 2009 in order to reflect the spread of its work and reputation across the UK.

With just over 310 registered venues currently on its books, Moviola is one of the largest community film exhibitors in Europe. We provide a programming and film booking service for individual community venues and touring schemes across the UK as well as advice and guidance for anyone wishing to establish their own rural cinema.  For more information or to join Moviola please visit our Exhibitor Registration area or contact us directly.

The Company and Charity share the same formal objectives: “promoting, maintaining, improving and advancing education within the community at large and particularly in the rural areas of the United Kingdom by the promotion and performance of cinematography and films of all genres and including the provision of consultancy services in the performance of film to other individuals and organisations in the United Kingdom”.

Equal Opportunities

  1. Moviola Ltd exists to provide a range of high quality cinema-related events for people living in rural parts of the UK, with the aim of redressing the imbalance between town and countryside in arts availability and participation.
  2. Moviola Ltd has adopted an open and democratic management structure and has a policy of welcoming the active participation of people from all sectors of the community in its activities.
  3. In particular Moviola Ltd aims to ensure that all aspects of its activities, notably but not exclusively
  • Job recruitment
  • Volunteer recruitment and involvement
  • Programming policy
  • Publications and marketing

– will be delivered regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, disability, marital status and sexual orientation.