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Due to the changing situation in the UK around the Coronavirus, please directly contact the venue holding the film you wish to attend to ensure the show is going ahead. You can get contact details by clicking the venue name.

See these films in a Village Hall near you. For full details of any of the films or venues, click on the links below.

This table contains all of this season’s shows arranged by date. By default, it displays 50 entries per page. You can find information in one of three ways:

1. Use the Previous / Next buttons at the bottom of the table to scroll page-by-page
2. Type the name of a venue in the search bar to find all shows for that venue
3. Type the name of a film in the search bar to find all the shows of that film
4. Type the date (format DD mmm) in the search bar to find all shows on that date

For more information about any of the films, or to view HD trailers, follow the hyperlinks.

Sat 04 AprBanhamCANCELLED
Mon 06 AprSprowstonCANCELLED
Tue 07 AprDriftwood CinemaCANCELLED
Wed 08 AprGateshead CSSCCANCELLED
Fri 10 AprWyverstoneCANCELLED
Sat 11 AprBeare GreenCANCELLED
Tue 14 AprChepstowCANCELLED
Tue 14 AprColerneCANCELLED
Thu 16 AprDriftwood CinemaCANCELLED
Thu 16 AprHortonCANCELLED
Thu 16 AprStradbrokeCANCELLED
Fri 17 AprBrisleyCANCELLED
Fri 17 AprChepstowCANCELLED
Fri 17 AprClayhidonCANCELLED
Fri 17 AprFordingbridgeCANCELLED
Fri 17 AprHiltingburyCANCELLED
Fri 17 AprLlandogoCANCELLED
Fri 17 AprWicklewoodCANCELLED
Sat 18 AprGreywellCANCELLED
Sat 18 AprOrkney: HoyCANCELLED
Sun 19 AprLlancarfanCANCELLED
Mon 20 AprLong StrattonCANCELLED
Tue 21 AprHytheCANCELLED
Tue 21 AprNewton FlotmanCANCELLED
Wed 22 AprAlresfordCANCELLED
Wed 22 AprGateshead CSSCCANCELLED
Thu 23 AprWaterloovilleCANCELLED
Fri 24 AprAbbots LangleyCANCELLED
Fri 24 AprAllerfordCANCELLED
Fri 24 AprChandlers FordCANCELLED
Fri 24 AprFordingbridgeCANCELLED
Fri 24 AprFrettenhamCANCELLED
Fri 24 AprLlancarfanCANCELLED
Fri 24 AprLlanfyllinCANCELLED
Fri 24 AprLudhamCANCELLED
Fri 24 AprWattonCANCELLED
Fri 24 AprWest CamelCANCELLED
Sat 25 AprAshwellthorpeCANCELLED
Sat 25 AprMarlingfordCANCELLED
Sat 25 AprOrkney: HoyCANCELLED
Sun 26 AprEighton Banks GatesheadCANCELLED
Tue 28 AprChepstowCANCELLED
Wed 29 AprMylor BridgeCANCELLED


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