This article is aimed at organisers and volunteers at community cinemas.

We realise that this is a time of great uncertainty for all.

Community cinemas cater largely to audiences who are at the most vulnerable end of the spectrum. These spaces can sometimes be their only point of contact with people. For others, it is a space for escapism and positive engagement. When that is removed, it’s important that we do all we can to keep checking in and talking to our audiences.

If you haven’t already had a look at our #MoviolaTogether scheme or shared it with your audiences – please have a look here: #MoviolaTogether

As the landscape shifts on a daily basis, we are all unclear about how audiences will feel towards attending close-knit environments.

Here at Moviola, we want to let you know that we can help and support community venues in preparing to open your doors again.

As part of our network, we are offering complimentary 1-2-1 consultancies with our team member, Neil – who can help you talk about your situation pre-lockdown, and how you feel things may move forward. He may also suggest things that you may have not considered with regards to your films, marketing, facilities and technology, as well as other added benefits that could be easy wins to increase your audiences. Neil has worked in the film sector for over ten years, both at commercial and community level, as well as being a broadcaster and film writer.

If you wish to book in – it couldn’t be easier – fill in this form and we’ll take it from there.

(No salesman will call and there’s no obligation to buy!)

Alternatively, questions you may want to ask yourself:

  • How will I give confidence to my audience to come to film screenings again? Will there be other members of the community who I can be catering to as well?
  • Are my washroom facilities a cheap towel and a bar of soap? Is my soap sanitising?
  • How will my audience pay? Do I want to be handling cash, especially at food service areas?
  • Can we implement a contactless payment system or online booking?

We’ll be exploring these ideas in the coming weeks with a view to helping our community cinemas put an action plan together and be ready for almost every eventuality.

Stay in touch and check back on our noticeboard, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp – where we’ll try to inform and entertain you on a daily basis.

The more you talk to us, the more we can help one another – there could be an issue that is affecting your cinema that another venue has solved.

For now, from everyone at Moviola, we hope you are all safe, healthy and well.

Please look out for one another and help those in need.


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