The Moviola Newsletter went live this week and was sent to inboxes up and down the country.

We want to say thank you to everyone who connected with us through it, asked to join our forums and even sign up new members!

The support is greatly appreciated and we hope that you find the newsletter a helpful & entertaining tool to help you get the most out of your Moviola Screenings. Please spread the good word (and someone pleeeease post in the forums!). We are looking for any feedback, big or small – from either yourselves or your audiences. Photos, videos or even helpful tips for other venues – we want to hear it!

The newsletter is a brilliant way of establishing a wider community and sharing industry new, cinema experiences and support for all Moviola venues.

What do you mean you didn’t receive the amazing newsletter? All Partners and Associates should have received a copy – please email our Communication & Diversity Officer if you didn’t get it, as well as checking your spam and junk mail folder (unfortunately newsletters do end up in here, too).

The October Newsletter will be out in a few weeks and there will be some exciting news involving the new programme and something for all venues … yes, that includes you.

You won’t know what that is unless you subscribe. Go to our homepage and scroll down the side and you’ll see a familiar face who will allow you to sign up there.


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