Dear Moviola Audiences,

With the rapidly changing situation with respect to Coronavirus / Covid-19 in the UK, I feel that it is necessary to inform audiences of our stance here at Moviola.

The health and safety of Moviola’s employees, customers and audiences are paramount and we will continue to follow guidance issued by the Government in the coming weeks. We recommend that you, as patrons of the community cinemas, do likewise. We cannot decide whether or not you attend shows – that is your decision. You will, I expect, have heard that the over 70’s may soon be asked to stay at home and minimise contacts with others. In that situation, we would suggest that you do consider non-attendance.

We have checked with all presenters of partner shows whether they are healthy and happy to proceed with any screenings scheduled. They will self-isolate should any symptoms arise.

Within the company itself, we have cancelled all face-to-face meetings where at all possible.

During this time, Moviola will function as usual. Because we do not know how long the situation will last or how it will develop. I am confident that no matter the length of the situation, Moviola will be here during and afterwards to continue to provide the service in its current format to community cinemas everywhere.

We are closely monitoring the situation and rest assured we shall update you should any further guidance be issued.

Tony Ewart

Moviola CEO