As we write this, the future of community cinemas might seem like a speck on the horizon yet to come into focus. Details of government guidance for public gatherings may not have been issued as of yet, but that does not stop community cinema organisers taking stock of their current offerings and assessing how that may be impacted in the future. As part of our remit to support our community venues, Moviola wants each cinema to be as successful as possible, but does that mean keeping calm and carrying on? Could your regular audiences be affected? Are there other audiences within your local community who could be encouraged to visit your venue for a regular film fix?

We realise that almost every community venue knows what is best for their cinema, after all, many of you have been running them for several years. While there is some downtime in our scheduled screenings, Moviola is offering 1-2-1 consultations via email or telephone to discuss how your cinema and plan for the future. This may not be a fully realised plan due to announcements yet to be made, but we firmly believe we can help one another using successful examples of best practices and industry.

We also want to hear from all of our venues about their success stories (and failures)  – whether that was a new ticketing system, type of film or a different approach completely.


Our communication & diversity officer, Neil, is still at hand to give advice and help you start putting a framework in place. He will then work with you to flesh the details out as time progresses, with new legislation and ideas of how community cinemas can incorporate them into their current setups.

We will help you look at all aspects of your community cinema – whether that’s help with marketing (setting up social media groups or adverts), planning your types of programming to give a rich mix of films that will grow and sustain your audiences, or even basic advice on facilities and showmanship to add that sparkle to your screenings.

To book a session – simply fill out the form and we’ll get in contact with you in due course.

Book a 1-2-1 session here

Moviola is always at hand to help your cinema be the best it can be!

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