Welcome to Week 6 of #MoviolaTogether!

After a well-earned rest, this week’s voting has decreed that Jersey-based mystery BEAST is our film of the week!

You can find it here: https://www.channel4.com/programmes/beast

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Last month’s film was the tough Brit-flick SEXY BEAST – which saw ex-pat gangster, Ray Winstone come back for one last job, and Sir Ben Kingsley use the English language in a manner that anyone who ever saw Gandhi would never have anticipated!

Helen B commented on Facebook:

Did watch this but it was a bit too violent for my taste but I did like the amusing twist at the end!.

Edwina from Orkney on WhatsApp:

 “Not a film I would have chosen- I am a wimp with any sniff of violence or even worse, the build up of tension preceding violence. I had a few behind the cushion moments and Gandhi and Lovejoy will never be the same for me…. However, it was an edge of the seat watch – great character parts from the above mentioned and some surreal scenes of cinematography. All in all a good watch, well acted and produced and a tension gripping story.    

Many Moviola venues are based in rural, small communities – oftentimes places where the village knows everyone’s business!

We hope this film appeals to those of you who know EXACTLY what we mean!

BEAST is the debut film by director Michael Pearce, starring two (then) relatively unknown faces, Jessie Buckley (Chernobyl/Wild Rose) and Johnny Flynn (Emma). 

 27 year old Moll is still living at home with her oppressive mother (Geraldine James on fine form!) on the island of Jersey. She is boxed in on all fronts  but she’s far too timid to rebel against the constant comparisons made with her superficially successful sister, who is married and has a very comfortable life. After a birthday party goes awry, Moll goes out of control and crosses paths with the seemingly simple Pascal who shows her a way out, but at what cost?

We loved this film and to say much more will spoil the surprises that lurk under the surface.

The film was rated 15 by the BBFC.

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To watch BEAST:

Channel 4’s ALL 4 service is available on all Smart TV’s, Sky boxes, Playstations, tablets and computers.

Or follow this link https://www.channel4.com/programmes/beast

 We can’t wait to hear from you!


Beast premiered at London Film Festival in 2017, with director, Michael Pearce, star Jessie Buckley and producer, Ivanna MacKinnon, talking at length with Kate Taylor about the process of making the film on the island of Jersey.

Click on the video pane or the link below to watch it.









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