Welcome to Week 5 of #MoviolaTogether!

This week’s voting has turned up a surprise in SEXY BEAST (2000) as our film of the week!

You can find it here: https://www.channel4.com/programmes/sexy-beast

Please tell us your thoughts on the film and drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp don’t forget to include the name of your local Moviola venue!

Last week’s film was THE TITFIELD THUNDERBOLT – the charming Ealing Studios film about a rebellious community coming together to save their beloved trainline from a bus replacement service (and don’t we all hate those?).

Helen B commented on Facebook:

 We really enjoyed this film and loved the fact it was so unsophisticated!
I have also just found out that we can still watch and catch up with the other films on the choices lists which is great.
Thank you and well done Moviola team!

Edwina from Orkney on WhatsApp:

 “Well, a bit of whimsey and of its time! Also wonderful to see the old cars, steam rollers and steam trains- evocative of that era. Love that everyone was so smartly dressed even when running down the hill for water! Not a tracksuit or builders bum in sight… Glad to see it though and enjoyed the implausibility of it all!    

SEXY BEAST has an unfortunate title that might put you off – but then again, many of the best films do (lest us forget films like Hideous Kinky or The Reader). 

This is a tough, but darkly comic film about a retired British gangster sunning himself on the Costa when an old face entices him to come back into the fold to do one last job.


Starring Ray Winstone, Amanda Redman & Sir Ben Kingsley – it features the crème de la crème of British actors at the turn of the millennium, and we think its captures the post-yuppie ex-pat era incredibly well – with its tongue firmly in its cheek. Whilst many people will know gritty Ray from adverts encouraging us to bet in between half-time breaks during football matches, some of you may be shocked to see Sir Ben deliver lines of dialogue that would make even our own mother blush. The director, Jonathan Glazer, has gone on to make a handful of films since including one of our favourites of the 21st Century Under The Skin.

So, to join in with #MoviolaTogether – simply watch the film and tell us your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp.

To watch SEXY BEAST:

Channel 4’s ALL 4 service is available on all Smart TV’s, Sky boxes, Playstations, tablets and computers.

Basically -everywhere.

Or follow this link


 We can’t wait to hear from you!


The director Jonathan Glazer seldom makes films, and since 2013, cinema fans have been awaiting his next instalment. You can see a strangely compelling short film – THE FALL –  he made last year and quietly sneaked onto the BBC iPlayer here.


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