We’ve made it to WEEK 4 of #MoviolaTogether!

Another vote by Moviola audiences has decreed that THE TITFIELD THUNDERBOLT is our film of the week!

(by an inch!)

You can find it here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b03mv97b/the-titfield-thunderbolt

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Last week’s film was BRASSED OFF – a bitter-sweet tale of a small mining town’s toot to glory with its colliery band which brought together both young & old.

Philip Comer, Moviola’s Chairman, told us on Facebook:

Just love this film, and Pete Postlethwaite is just so good. Good performances all round and a good uplifting story (much needed just now) with a serious message as well. 5 stars for me.

Ursula on Facebook:

 “Watched it. Loved it. Again. Still miss Pete Postlethwaite. Such a good actor   

Edwina on WhatsApp:

 “Triumph of hope over adversity indeed and lovely to see it again and places in Saddleworth I am very familiar with. Good acting, scenery and music- though the professional musicians easily spotted! The cheeks had it! Glad to have a reason to see it again as I am not keen on seeing films for a second time really. Well recommended.   

THE TITFIELD THUNDERBOLT is nominally a success story of how a community rallies together to take on the adversaries that may threaten their tranquil lives and, indeed, their very existence! 

The wheels of industry may prefer to run on roads, but the village of Titfield have other ideas. A film filled with defiance and subterfuge  – can the plucky residence get to keep their beloved locomotive chugging along?


Although, at the time, THE TITFIELD THUNDERBOLT wasn’t as warmly embraced by the British public as previous Ealing Studios output, the film has enjoyed a resurgence in admiration that we can only speculate has increased since the privatisation of the railway system. Pitting buses vs trains may seem like two sides of the same coin fighting one another today, but we think there’s a slightly more romantic notion of a steam train pulling into a platform than the No.34 parking up at a bus stop.

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Here’s all the outtakes from the film made available by The Huntley Archive.

Whilst not funny bloopers that we are used to in our outtakes of today, these clips serve as a timely reminder of the locomotives of yesteryear

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