A new addition to Moviola’s October Cinematheque menu, a list of films comprising of exciting left-of-centre titles, includes Chloe Zhao’s touching tale, The Rider.

Based on the real-life story of a young rodeo cowboy, Brady Jandreau, who feels lost in the world after suffering a head injury from a horse. The film follows Brady in an attempt to reconfigure his place in the world as a man whose one true passion has been removed along with his sense of identity in a macho-drenched Midwest America.

All the more astounding, Brady and the majority of the cast are played by the real counterparts who endured this brittle and uplifting true story, having had no prior acting experience. Without exception, all actors do a fine job of convincing the audience that they are old hands, with an air of realism in their mannerisms, the capable handling of wild animals and a weighty heft to the delivery of dialogue.

Nikki Baughan of BFI’s Sight & Sound Magazine praises Zhao’s direction:

“The strength of her approach is in her expert walking of the line between fact and fiction. While she is working with real-life characters beautifully playing versions of themselves… she also takes time in the Western’s cinematic heritage.”

Venues may want to consider programming this film if you have a local riding school or perhaps a small group of rodeo enthusiasts! The film deals with issues of rehabilitation, brain trauma, autism, strong-willed positive role models and an unshakable bond between a human and their horse.

If you loved Clio Barnard’s THE SELFISH GIANT or Andrew Haigh’s LEAN ON PETE, consider this a film to complement those accomplished titles.

The Rider is now available to book for all Moviola venues.

Please contact Programme Director Toby for more details about how you can bring this astounding story to your audience.

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