In a regular feature, we want to let our Partners & Associates know a little bit more about titles we think you should be looking at for your Moviola venues.

These can be challenging films that are satisfying and can stimulate debate among your audiences. Known as Cinematheque films, these are titles which can draw out new audiences who have never been to your venue and create a wider community for you to screen your films.

This month we highlight Nora Twomey’s award-winning: THE BREADWINNER.



Leading critic for The Observer and BBC, Mark Kermode gave the film 5-stars, describing it as “further proof that we are living through a golden age of animation”.

Produced by Angelina Jolie, and based on the best-selling novel by Deborah Ellis, THE BREADWINNER is more than an animated story. It is a rich tale of the pressures put upon a 12-year old girl who takes drastic measures to ensure her family survives when her father, a local teacher, is left physically impaired by the after-effects of the Soviet-Afghan War.

A story steeped in equal measures of delight and distrust, following the travails of young Parvana, The Breadwinner often subverts pre-conceptions of life in war-torn countries. Her journey is fraught with the dangers of living under a brutal regime, and the contrasting creative imagination of a child recalling the stories passed onto us from our parents as a way of self-assurance.

It is a story which humanises and subverts our expectations, as we follow young Parvana suddenly thrust into the role of the titular ‘breadwinner’.

If you’re a member of a Moviola cinema, why not speak to your local organiser about a showing of this groundbreaking and Golden Globe-winning film.

Partners and Associates could consider this film as a way of introducing new audiences to your venue.

Animations can often be seen as solely appealing to young children, but The Breadwinner goes some way to turn this on its head. It is a drama interwoven with the innocence of a lost childhood. While it may be a little tough for very young audiences (hence the 12A rating), here at Moviola we genuinely feel it is a strong life-affirming family film which has universal appeal to our community venues. Perhaps you were considering opening your venue for half-term screenings where younger audiences would be more available to view this breathtaking feat in animated films.

Thanks to the British Film Institute, there is a generous discount available for screening this title, as with all of our Cinematheque films on the current programming menu.

If you would like to book this film or find out more about our Cinematheque titles, please contact our Programme Director Toby here.

The Breadwinner is available for screenings from 24th September until the end of the season.
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