Many of you will be familiar with Netflix as an option of watching films at home. The versatile platform not only has an excellent variety of content from the big and small screens, but it also has its own films and shows exclusive to the platform.

Starting from a reasonable £5.99 a month to consume as content much as you want, we think it’s one of the better offerings available to UK audiences. While Netflix will never replace the experience of watching films on the big screen, it does offer the opportunity to catch up with some fantastic titles that you might have missed during their theatrical runs.

We’ve also shared our favourite five from Amazon Prime UK here

Here are our top 5 picks as of April 2020:


1. Three Identical Strangers

This is one documentary that will have your jaw drop open… and then open further… and eventually hit the floor. Told piecemeal, the less you know about the story the better – suffice to say that these three strangers meet in the most bizarre manner, but how they were separated in the first instance, is even more amazing. A documentary that beats even the Tiger King!

2. Fighting With My Family

For older families, FWMF was a smash hit on the Moviola network last year with its mix of good ol’ British humour, lots of familiar faces and its captivating underdog story. Any wrestling fans will recognise the hustle of the WWE, but even if you’re not a fan of sweaty overweight men pretending to hit each other, director Stephen Merchant (of The Office fame), manages to sneak in a Ken Loach kitchen sink-drama beneath the power slams.

3. Babe

Based on the well-loved Dick King-Smith book, with all the fun of a farmyard! The plucky orphan pig, Babe sidles up to Farmer Hoggett at a country fair and is taken home to join the other animals. Babe settles in nicely, but after a tragic incident, is our little piglet to blame? Family fun and who can forget that dance!?

4. Uncorked

One of the latest film productions for Netflix. A twist on the father-son framework – a young man wants to become a master sommelier but his father wishes for him to continue the successful family BBQ business. Both kindly and soul-searching, Uncorked charts quieter times within the African American community that are often left untouched by mainstream films. Frequently humorous and touching. As our lead defiantly carves our his own niche, will everything go to plan?

5. Stranger than Fiction

Have you ever felt your life was being narrated by someone else? Was that someone else Emma Thompson?

Sufficiently restrained, Will Ferrell makes for the warm every-man who learns the error of his ways as a taxman who wakes up to his internal monologue dictating his every move. A surreal and funny film, but as reassuringly distracting as the voice in each of our heads.


That’s our five from Moviola HQ for Netflix – what are yours? Leave a comment below or share your thoughts on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram 

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