Here at Moviola, we wanted to pay tribute to Burt Reynolds who passed away on the 6th September, aged 82.

The actor of stage and screen, most notable for his early work in television series Gunsmoke (1965) and bona fide classic performances in major feature films as the lovable rogue from the Smokey & The Bandit series and his most iconic role in the chilling John Boorman film, Deliverance (1972)

Burt’s sad passing reminds us all of a small title from a little while ago…

We successfully ran screenings of a little brit-flick called A Bunch Of Amateurs (2008), starring the one and only Mr Reynolds, alongside Derek Jacobi and Imelda Staunton (of all people!). Burt plays a washed-up Hollywood icon, whose agent convinces him to take on the role of King Lear in a community centre’s production of Shakespeare’s play. Needless to say, hilarity ensues throughout the little province in which ex A-List star finds himself. Reportedly, the Queen & Prince Philip enjoyed the premiere so much, they requested a copy to show everyone at Sandringham over the Christmas period that year!

We salute you Mr Reynolds and your many years of entertaining us throughout the generations, whether you were dangerously driving a Pontiac Firebird, paddling for your life from rednecks or acting in an am-dram production in rural England!

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