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Introduction to Moviola Partner Membership

If you decide to become a Moviola Partner, we will supply you with everything you need to put on regular film shows in your community venue.  We will send you a trained presenter with a complete set of projection equipment including a good-sized screen.  You will have access to the newest film releases – licensed by us from the distributor – and the security of belonging to an organisation with over 14 years of professional experience of community cinema.

Moviola Partners are sent a Menu of recommended films and a DVD of trailers three times a year:  In June for the season September to December; in November for January to Easter; and in March for Easter to the end of July.   This allows you to choose from the very latest film releases.  We also provide a support disk for each show containing a trailer for your next film and an appropriate short film, as well as tickets and basic posters and flyers.  Moviola’s size makes it unique in the UK; and the large number of films we show and number of screenings for each film makes us attractive to film distributors who are keen for us to use their films.  This gives us a special relationship with national film distributors and frequently enables us to offer films which are not yet available to buy.

Moviola Partner membership is open to community-based, non-commercial groups in Dorset, Hampshire and parts of Wiltshire, Somerset and Devon.  All we require is that Partners agree to the terms of service set out below.

Moviola is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving access to cinema for community groups, especially those in rural areas.   We pride ourselves on our efficiency and our professionalism.  However we are not simply a commercial body:  We cultivate a close relationship with our partners.  We know our venues and want to help them to be as successful as they can in providing an exciting cinema service for their communities.

How It Works

MOVIOLA will do the following for you:

  1. Send you a films menu and DVD of trailers three times a year.
  2. Book your films with the distributor.
  3. Email you a formal confirmation of your booking which sets out all charges.
  4. Schedule a presenter and a set of equipment, plus the necessary disks, to arrive at your venue in time to set everything up for your show.
  5. Provide you with tickets and basic posters and flyers.
  6. Charge you  35% of your gross box office for each feature film for any film you book from the films menu which is being shown by other venues in our network. No VAT will be charged on film hire.  You will be informed at the point of booking if the charging level is likely to be other than this.  If you choose a film which is not on the current menu you may have to pay more.  You will be advised of this at the time of booking.
  7. Charge you an administration fee of £140 plus VAT per show.
  8. Supply a trailer and shorts disk for your show unless you instruct us that you do not require this.
  9. Accept a cancellation of a booking up to seven days before your show, with only a charge of £10 for wasted publicity materials.  Cancellations within less than seven days may incur a £50 fee.
  10. Create a designated page on our website for your venue and use it to advertise full details of your shows.

In return, you agree to:

  1. Send us your film choices by the specified deadline.
  2. Reconfirm by email your confirmation to
  3. Within seven days of your show date, email to the number of tickets sold and at what price.  This is an official auditable return. You must retain evidence of ticket sales (e.g. ticket stubs, ticket books) for 12 months from the date of show and agree to make these available for audit by Moviola or the Film Distributor.
  4. Pay the Moviola invoice within 28 days of receipt by cheque or BACS transfer.
  5. Comply with the standard conditions applicable to public film shows (for example adherence to BBFC classifications U, PG, 12A etc).  It is your responsibility to ensure that your screening venue is licensed with the local authority for public film showing.  Similarly you are responsible for general health and safety in your hall (so you need to make sure that fire exits are clearly pointed out to the audience before each show).

Terms & Conditions


Christina Walkley  (Moviola’s General Manager) manages the Partner scheme.  She is your first point of contact on or by ringing 01935 872607.

However, you will generally be asked to send your film choices to Toby, by email to

Moviola is a Registered Charity and our constitution restricts us to providing the above services to not-for-profit organisations such as village halls, arts centres, and other Charitable bodies.   We regret that this service is not available to private profit making organisations or ones established for a purely commercial purpose.  Please email Toby if you need to check your status in this regard.

MOVIOLA  Ltd Registered Charity: 1107649   Company Number: 05053960   VAT Number:  869129385

Registered Office:  Spring Cottage, Queen Street, Yetminster, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 6LL.


Your Name

Your Address

Your Telephone Number

Your Email

Your Organisation

Name & Address of Your Venue

Receive Free Discs
Shorts & trailersTrailers only
Receive Blu-Ray discs (where available)


Please note that we cannot supply you with any disks until this signed Registration has been received by us. By agreeing below you accept the Conditions of Service as set out in the accompanying document

I agree to the terms



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