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To register for the forums, click HERE to email our forum manager.

You will be sent a username (unless you specify a name) and a default password (we advise you to change your password as soon as possible Рdetails below). We may have changed your username, for example, if it contains special characters or symbols. eg. becomes JenniferLawrence.

All of your information can be changed at any point.

The forum is similar to social media sites and we encourage you to share, post and discuss as much as possible in order to get the best out of them. A word to the wise, as with any conversation, we advise you ‘read the room’ before throwing in your first post.

These forums are private in order to protect your data. If you have any specific data requests, please contact the forum manager as above.

If you have any technical questions or feedback – please contact the forum manager as above.

Logging In & the Main Menu

Click the Log In button in the very top left of the Moviola website to sign in and access your profile.

Once you have logged in, if you hover over the “Hi” dialogue on the top right of the screen, you can see the main menu for your user account.

There is a quick link to “Edit my Profile” underneath the photo, or there is the Profile option in the drop-down menu.

We will come back to the other options later, but for now if you hover over Profile, you will see some further links for editing your profile.

The first step will be to add some pictures, so click one of the links to edit your profile (either in the menu or underneath the photo)

Adding Photos & Editing Your Profile

This is your main profile page. Here there are a much greater number of options to customise. You can view or edit your profile, check messages from other members and manage all your activity.

Click on the Change Profile Photo link and you will see an upload box below. Using this you can select a photo file from your computer. If you have a webcam installed, you can use the Take Photo link to take a new photograph.

You can also add a cover image to your profile.

Spend a few minutes on this page and make sure that all your profile details are up to date. Then you can start exploring the forum and learn how to post topics, reply and communicate with other members.

Forums, Posting & Replies

Once your profile is set up you’re ready to read and post some content. The forums are located at

At the moment, we have four topics – Technical, Introduce Yourself, Films and Publicity. Inside these, you can create a new sub-topic or post comments/replies on existing ones.


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