West Side Story

Released: 2021 Running Time: 156 mins

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Manhattan, Upper West Side, 1957. Against the backdrop of the decaying tenements in the San Juan Hill neighbourhood, two warring gangs – tough Riff’s Jets and swaggering Bernardo’s Puerto Rican Sharks – fight for supremacy. Now, with a once-and-for-all, winner-takes-all rumble on the cards, an unexpected whirlwind romance between former Jet Tony and Bernardo’s little sister MarĂ­a sets the stage for an all-out turf war.

Key People:

Director: Steven Spielberg

Writer: Tony Kushner, Arthur Laurents

Cinematography: Janusz Kaminski

Production Design: Adam Stockhausen

Music: Leonard Bernstein

Further Information

For further information, full cast and crew listings, trivia and reviews, please see the West Side Story Page on IMDB.

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