The Old Oak

Released: 2023 Running Time: 113 mins

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A group of Syrian refugees are relocated to a depressed village in the North-East of England. Longtime locals who resent the decline of their former mining community are less than welcoming. TJ Ballantyne (Dave Turner), who owns the titular pub, hesitates to antagonise his regulars by assisting the newcomers, but can’t help warming to photographer Yara (Ebla Mari). She helps him see that an old idea from the miners’ union days – that if people eat together, they’ll stick together – could be the solution to a senseless rift.

Key People:

Director: Ken Loach

Writer: Paul Laverty

Cinematography: Robbie Ryan

Production Design: Fergus Clegg

Music: George Fenton

Further Information

For further information, full cast and crew listings, trivia and reviews, please see the The Old Oak Page on IMDB.

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