The Day Shall Come

Certificate 15

(2019) 87 mins

Director: Chris Morris
Writers: Jesse Armstrong, Sean Gray
Cinematography: Marcel Zyskind
Production Design: Lucio Seixas
Music: Chris Morris, Seb Rochford, Jonathan Whitehead



Before you can win the war on terror you need a terrorist — even if you have to invent one yourself. Moses Al Shabaz (Marchánt Davis) is a small-time Miami street preacher whose far-fetched revolutionary ideas find unexpected legitimacy when a Middle Eastern terrorist organization offers to help fund his dream of overthrowing the US government. The problem? His backer is the US government and it’s all part of an elaborate scheme to entrap Moses and make his arrest the latest national security “win”. But when Moses doesn’t take the bait, FBI agent Kendra Glack (Anna Kendrick) must resort to increasingly outlandish – and risky – lengths to get her man.

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Morris has always hidden his political insight under sometimes broad and always brilliant comedy. His genius is in demystifying terrible politics by stripping them down to their basic drivers: greed, weakness, stupidity, ego, delusion. Inspired by real-life cases of law enforcement seemingly radicalizing young men (always of color) just to have a radical to arrest, The Day Shall Come is a bold, compassionate addition to his work. It’s one that makes the audience root for Moses – a literal “holy fool” – but never lets them forget that he’s up against the great machines of governance. It’s not if it goes wrong for him, but when, and how badly. ”  Austin Chronicle

Davis impresses (on his feature debut) as both a comic presence and as a man struggling with more personal demons in a movie that provokes thought as much as it pokes fun.   Radio Times



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