Certificate 15

(2019) 121 mins

Director: Dexter Fletcher
Writer: Lee Hall
Cinematography: George Richmond
Production Design: Peter Francis, Marcus Rowland
Music: Matthew Margeson


The story of Elton John’s breakthrough years, following the fantastical journey of transformation from shy piano prodigy Reginald Dwight into international superstar Elton John. This inspirational story — set to Elton John’s most beloved songs and performed by star Taron Egerton — tells the universally relatable story of how a small-town boy became one of the most iconic figures in pop culture.  With Jamie Bell as Elton’s lyricist Bernie Taupin and Bryce Dallas Howard as his dismissive mother Sheila.

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Egerton, with what can only be called flamboyant understatement — and also, I suppose, understated flamboyance — in effect plays both the Lady Gaga and the Bradley Cooper parts in a fresh iteration of A Star Is Born. His Elton is the hard-living road warrior and the preternaturally gifted ingénue, the sacrificial hero and the plucky survivor, the rock god and the camp icon. The actor delivers a tour de force of self-effacement, a bravura demonstration of borrowed charisma.”  New York Times

A sequin-encrusted delight. On paper it reads like a by-the-book biopic; on screen it explodes with the kind of colour and energy that only Elton John himself could invoke.”  Empire

“Dexter Fletcher’s fabulous Elton John musical is a heart-racing, toe-tapping, all-glitter-cannons-blazing triumph.”  The Telegraph

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