Certificate 15

(2018) 103 mins

Director: Marc Turtletaub
Writers: Polly Mann, Oren Moverman
Cinematography: Christopher Norr
Production Design: Roshelle Berliner
Music: Dustin O’Halloran


Suburban housewife Agnes (Kelly Macdonald) is given a jigsaw puzzle for her birthday. She pops it open in a free moment and quickly puts together all 1,000 pieces. Then she takes it apart and does it again. Realizing that she has a unique skill set, she travels into Manhattan to get more puzzles, stumbling upon a flyer looking for a puzzle competition partner. This brings her into the world of Robert (the charming Irrfan Khan), a wealthy puzzle king looking for a doubles partner. He instantly sees the potential, and not only in Agnes’ ability to put pieces together. He sees her for the funny, smart, beautiful person she hasn’t been able to express to too many people. And then things get complicated.

Based on the Argentinian film Rompecabezas.

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“An utterly winning project that could soften the heart of a rattlesnake.”  The Irish Times

“What I like most about Puzzle is how it gets away from its competitive angle to capture how winning doesn’t really matter to Agnes as much as finally getting to express herself. It’s putting the puzzle of life together that’s exciting, not the final picture.”  Rogerebert.com

 “While some of the story trajectory may feel familiar, the way the characters are handled blows freshness through it.”  Eye for Film

Wed 06 Feb Churchinford
Wed 27 Feb East Knoyle
Fri 29 Mar Chepstow
Sat 30 Mar Brading
Sat 30 Mar Clayhidon
Sat 30 Mar Denmead


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