Poster Boys

Released: 2020 Running Time: 87 mins

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When dysfunctional adult, Al Clancy (Trevor O’Connell), mistakenly agrees to mind his smart-ass 10-year-old nephew, Karl Clancy (Ryan Minogue-Lee), for a week, his job and home are placed in jeopardy. In a bold bid to save Al’s job, they steal his mam’s camper-van, become best friends and embark on a criss-cross adventure putting up posters all over Ireland. When things go wrong and the lads get cranky, one of them realises that the other one of them needs to grow up.

Key People:

Director: Dave Minogue

Writer: Dave Minogue

Cinematography: Trevor Murphy

Production Design: Mark Kilbride

Music: Vyvienne Long

Further Information

For further information, full cast and crew listings, trivia and reviews, please see the Poster Boys Page on IMDB.

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