Operation Mincemeat

Released: 2021 Running Time: 128 mins

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The remarkable true story of the elaborate plot cooked up by British intelligence in 1943 to fool Nazi Germany into thinking the allies planned to invade Greece and Sardinia, rather than their actual target, Sicily. The corpse of a tramp was invested with a fake identity, and then dumped off the coast of Spain carrying the plans for the supposed invasion. Starring Colin Firth and Matthew Macfadyen as Montagu and Cholmondeley, the architects of the plot. With Penelope Wilton and Kelly Macdonald, and Johnny Flynn as Ian Fleming.

Key People:

Director: John Madden

Writer: Michelle Ashford, from the book by Ben Macintyre

Cinematography: Sebastian Blenkov

Production Design: John Paul Kelly

Music: Thomas Newman

Further Information

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