Only You

Certificate 15

(2018) 119 mins

Director: Harry Wootliff
Writer: Harry Wootliff
Cinematography: Shabier Kirchner
Production Design: Andy Drummond
Music: Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch



As Glasgow celebrates New Year’s Eve, a chance encounter brings Jake (Josh O’Connor) and Elena (Laia Costa) together and the attraction is instant. Sexy and smitten, they’re totally swept up in each other and the relationship develops at speed.  But when they decide to try for a baby the difficulties begin.

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A seriously intelligent script from writer and director Harry Wootliff. Clever, hand-held camerawork, which succeeds in the unlikely task of making Glasgow parks and locations appear romantic. And a subtle, unobtrusive soundtrack, with, topping the bill an Elvis Costello classic, I Want You, from his 1986 Blood & Chocolate album, to which they dance when first they meet.  And yes, near flawless acting from both Costa and O’Connor. The supporting cast contribute, too but with so much on screen time for the lead pair, it is difficult, unfair even to try and single out any others.  A grown-up film about the complexities of a grown-up relationship.  Eye for Film

A sad, tender and gloriously sexy love story.”  The Guardian

Thu 05 Mar Hawkley


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