Mrs. Lowry and Son

Certificate PG


(2019) 91 mins

Director: Adrian Noble
Writer: Martyn Hesford
Cinematography: Josep M Civit
Production Design: Catrin Meredydd
Music: Craig Armstrong



L S Lowry (Timothy Spall) earned his living as a rent-collector and spent his free time producing paintings which are both instantly recognisable and greatly loved.  He was also a devoted carer to his bed-bound mother Elizabeth (Vanessa Redgrave), a woman embittered by the reduced circumstances in which they were living, and who never lost an opportunity to belittle his art.  Mrs. Lowry and Son is the story of their relationship.

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Mrs. Lowry and Son is by turns hilarious, brutal and tender, and like the best drama, it will leave you wondering what’s going on behind the closed doors of all the other houses in Pendlebury and further afield. How many other geniuses have created art in lonely attics and, unlike Lowry, never succeeded in breaking through, never become the focus of films, doomed instead to exist as mere smudges of colour lost in a crowd?”  Eye for Film

“An entertaining showcase for two first-class performers.  The Guardian

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