Military Wives

Certificate 12A

(2019) 112 mins

Director: Peter Cattaneo
Writers: Rosanne Flynn, Rachel Tunnard
Cinematography: Hubert Taczanowski
Production Design: John Beard
Music: Lorne Balfe



When the men and women living on a military base in England ship off on their latest tour, the wives left at home need to find a way to  deal with the stress and get through the time until the tour of duty is completed.  Enter Colonel’s wife Kate (Kristin Scott Thomas). Struggling with her own recent tragedy, she decides to take on a bigger role in the choir activities that are primarily organized by Lisa (Sharon Horgan).  Whilst uptight Kate and laid-back Lisa frequently clash,  friendship, music and laughter help the members of the choir to overcome their fears for loved ones in combat.

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“Granted, there are no narrative surprises as the women evolve from ragtag racket to performing at the Albert Hall. Yet as this familiar arc plays out, Cattaneo and writers Roseanne Flynn and Rachel Tunnard gently and sensitively offer small insights into the reality of being the partner stuck back home as a loved one risks daily injury, or even death, overseas. . . It would be a cynical heart that isn’t moved by the group’s daily heartbreaks and nagging anxieties, and indeed, their exhilarating moments of triumph.”  Empire

Military Wives may indeed be far from perfect (to say it flirts with cliche is to understate its enthusiastic commitment to contrivance), yet for all its manipulative flaws, this goodhearted tale of the partners of service personnel finding musical strength together works the kind of movie magic that will leave you laughing and crying, often against your better judgment.”  The Guardian

“If you’re looking for a feel-good film you won’t go wrong here.”  UK Film Review



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