Military Wives

Released: 2019 Running Time: 112 Mins

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When the men and women living on a military base in England ship off on their latest tour, the wives left at home need to find a way to  deal with the stress and get through the time until the tour of duty is completed.  Enter Colonel’s wife Kate (Kristin Scott Thomas). Struggling with her own recent tragedy, she decides to take on a bigger role in the choir activities that are primarily organized by Lisa (Sharon Horgan).  Whilst uptight Kate and laid-back Lisa frequently clash,  friendship, music and laughter help the members of the choir to overcome their fears for loved ones in combat.

Key People:

Director: Peter Cattaneo

Writer: Rachel Tunnard, Rosanne Flynn

Cinematography: Hubert Taczanowski

Production Design: John Beard

Music: Lorne Balfe

Further Information

For further information, full cast and crew listings, trivia and reviews, please see the Military Wives Page on IMDB.

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