Le Mans ’66 (aka Ford v Ferrari)

Certificate 12A

(2019) 152 mins

Director: James Mangold
Writer: Jez Butterworth, John-Henry Butterworth
Cinematography: Phedon Papamichael
Production Design: François Audouy
Music: Marco Beltrami, Buck Sanders



Visionary American car designer Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon)  and fearless British-born driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale) join forces to build a revolutionary race car for the Ford Motor Company.  The aim: to defeat Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966.  Together they must battle corporate interference, the laws of physics, and their own personal demons.

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The sparring between the two stars is terrific, as are their clashes with the stuffy, win-at-all-costs Ford executives (played by Jon Bernthal and Tracy Letts), while director James Mangold takes care to give substance and depth to all his main players. When it’s time for the cars to do the talking, the race sequences are elegantly staged, tightly edited and frequently put the viewer in the cockpit, gripping the steering wheel and negotiating bends at breakneck speed.   Radio Times

Ford v Ferrari is no masterpiece, but it is — to invoke a currently simmering debate — real cinema, the kind of solid, satisfying, nonpandering movie that can seem endangered nowadays. To put it in the simplest terms: You may not think you care who won at Le Mans in 1966, but for two and a half hours, you will.”  New York Times

“One of the best ensemble casts of the year, in one of the best movies ever made about auto racing.”  Chicago Sun Times

Fri 13 Nov Halstock
Sat 14 Nov Halstock
Fri 27 Nov Chepstow
Fri 27 Nov South Petherton
Fri 18 Dec Dunster


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