Last Summer

Certificate 15


(2018) 97 mins

Director: Jon Jones
Writer: Jon Jones
Cinematography: Mark Wolf
Production Design: Phil Rawsthorne
Music: Mark Thomas



In the Welsh countryside during the 1970s, with the prospect of a long, hot summer of play and friendship ahead, four boys (Noa Thomas, Gruffydd Weston, Rowan Jones and Christopher Benning) make their own adventures, until unexpected tragedy strikes with devastating consequences. Catapulted into the adult world, they strive to take matters into their own hands. Will the boys learn the value of their childhood friendship in the face of their impending fate?

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Showings of this film are part of our Cinematheque season which is supported by the British Film Institute.



Superb work from young Thomas anchors the film and all of the children give fresh, fully committed performances. The result is a film driven by the intensity of childhood emotion, from the exuberance of play to the stunned emptiness that follows the tragedy. . .   Even in the darkest places it finds moments of joy and wonder, whilst the banter between the boys is beautifully observed and full of humour. Most importantly, it captures the children’s perspective on life perfectly and uses it to challenge adult assumptions about what’s best for them – or for anyone dealing with trauma. The result is a cinematic gem.”  Eye for Film

“With a powerful point of view and a riveting undercurrent of intensity, this otherwise relaxed and earthy 1970s-set Welsh drama gets deep under the skin.  The fresh-faced cast and beautifully photographed locations make the film engulfing, even with a few niggling plot problems along the way.  It’s an open-handed, darkly moving film with a pointed message about how not to deal with a crisis.”

Thu 19 Sep Selsey
Wed 25 Sep Llandovery
Wed 02 Oct Framlingham
Wed 09 Oct Bangor Caernarvon
Sat 26 Oct Martock
Thu 14 Nov Bonvilston
Fri 22 Nov Last Summer


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