(2017) 102 mins

Director: Simon Hunter
Writers: Simon Hunter, from a story by Edward Lynden-Bell
Cinematography: August Jakobsson
Production Design: Chris Richmond
Music: Debbie Wiseman


“It’s never too late.”

Edie (Sheila Hancock) has spent 30 years caring for her husband in a loveless marriage.  Suddenly liberated by his demise, and filled with bitterness for her “wasted years”, she foils her daughter’s plan to put her in a care home and heads to Scotland to fulfil a long-held ambition to climb Mount Suilven.  Once there she enlists the help of local guide Jonny (Kevin Guthrie), who only agrees because he doesn’t believe she will go through with the plan.

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“The dynamic between Hancock and Guthrie is wonderful to behold, their bickering producing plenty of humorous moments as Edie and Jonny suss each other out and build trust in one another. The film is set in the Scottish highlands, with the scenery playing an important role in the film. Long shots of the mountains and expanse of the remote, brutal, yet romantic wilderness convey the difficult task at hand, but also the loneliness Edie feels – and has felt – in her life. Hunter and cinematographer August Jakobson find interesting ways to shoot that digs into – and expresses – the pathos at the the centre of the film.”  CineVue

At its best when emphasising the humans at its heart, this is a familiar story arc, lent considerable added weight by Hancock’s intense performance and her onscreen chemistry with Guthrie.”  Eye for Film

“Boasting two incredibly tender performances, Simon Hunter’s upbeat Scottish ramble not only showcases Scotland in all its vast rugged beauty, but does a wonderful job at challenging our social stereotypes of ageing and friendship within society.”  Movie Review World

Fri 31 Aug Frettenham
Fri 12 Oct Poringland
Fri 30 Nov East Meon


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