As some of you may find that you’re in the house a lot more than you wish to be, we’ve come up with a list of services who are offering free films as well as trials. With each service, all you have to do is register and make sure you cancel during the final day (we normally set a calendar alarm). However, all services are incredible value for money and offer the versatility to watch films and specialised content wherever you may be.

We’ll be making recommendations for each service in the coming weeks

To access directly, click the name of the service in each title.

  1. BBC iPlayer

Free to sign up to for all licence-paying households

The BBC’s catch up service is well known throughout the UK, offering the ability to screen most films that have aired on the BBC’s services. Films have a limited time on the service for up to a month. They also feature many film programmes including Mark Kermode’s fascinating Secrets Of Cinema series and the 5-minute theory-based video essays Inside Cinema.

CLICK TO FIND OUT MORE: #MoviolaTogether starts with our first film on this service from 3rd April –


2. BFI Player

Free to sign up to and watch limited content. Free trial for 14 days. Rental and subscription service also available.

The British Film Institute’s online service is a hybrid of a free archive and short film footage, alongside Q&A’s with cast & crew at various screenings of films throughout the years.

We think Moviola audiences will find great comfort in their archives section which depict various walks of life through Britain throughout the ages and other rare digitised footage.

They also have a YouTube Channel which can be found here

This is one selection that put a smile on our faces in the office.

  1. All 4

Free to sign up to and watch. Content supported by advertisement.

Channel 4’s online service contains its television programming and also Film Four’s content for a limited time.

At the time of writing, these films include Suffragette, Charlotte Gray and Once Upon A Time in The Midlands.

The films contained are often those which have been made with funding by Film Four and cover independent, British films, as well as documentaries and world cinema.

Once Upon a Time in the Midlands - On Demand - All 4

  1. Netflix

Free to sign up to. Starts from £5.99 per month with no minimum term.

Most of you will be aware of Netflix which houses lots of content including British TV series, their own special shows and films starring big-name actors and also lots of contemporary movies that have also featured on Moviola’s selections throughout the years. It’s a versatile way to watch programming and you can watch on more than one device at once.

We’ll be picking some of our favourite films on the platform soon, but as a taster, this a documentary we thought was incredulous:

  1. MUBI

Currently offering three months free to all new sign-ups. £9.99 a month thereafter.

Here at Moviola, we adore MUBI.

If you’re more adventurous with your films – this one is for you.

It’s a platform which offers classic films alongside independent titles and also rarities, that have often been remastered for modern viewers. Every day a new film appears in a rolling 30-day format, giving you a month to see a film as soon as it is viewable. By having films drop off and on, this always keeps the content fresh and varied, with the idea that you can explore films from around the world.

It’s an inexpensive way to find hidden gems and tread new ground on your film-watching journey.

They also purchase films at various festivals around the world and have exclusive that you cannot find anywhere else.

The smash-hit film Portrait of A Lady On Fire joins the service from 24th April.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019) – MUBI

  1. Amazon Prime Video

Free 30-day trial and £7.99 a month thereafter.

A large catalogue of films, tv shows and documentaries, with the option to rent titles that are not included in the subscription.

If you are already an Amazon Prime member for deliveries, then you should be eligible for Amazon Prime Video. The service contains a huge amount of films from every nook and cranny, including additional paid-for films that have recently been screening at the cinema. These include the latest adaptation of Emma and the crowd-pleasing Military Wives at premium prices.

Emma review: A perfect blend of Jane Austen's satire and romance - Vox

We’ll be posting more of our Amazon Prime choices soon.

7. Curzon Home Cinema

12 films a month for members, £55 annual subscription and other perks.

A cinema at home, as the title would suggest. Curzon screens more independent and arthouse hits from around the world for a one-off rental fee or included in the subscription format. Recently we’ve enjoyed Portrait of A Lady on Fire, The Truth and Knives Out. Prices are reasonable, and if you’re sharing between friends or family, it can work out cheaper than a ticket to see the film at the cinema.

Knives Out Fans Notice Awesome Detail In Christopher Plummer's ...

Is there any film service we missed? Perhaps your favourite one? Let us know and we’ll share them with our network.

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